[GreHack 2016] stego100


Yo yo yo

File: google drive

We are given a picture . Its a stego challenge  so lets go direct to setgsolve to find something interesting at the lsb .


As you can see there are some data at the lsb of colour red the same with green and blue. Extracting them … Go to analyze->data extract


we clearly see that there is a png image . Go and save it as a .png …


We dont have the flag yet. By performing the same steps again we can see that there is a hidden string inside at the lsb but its not the flag ! Time to binwalk this picture .


There is a zip file inside this picture. Use foremost or binwalk to extract that file .

Trying to “unzip” produces an error “need PK compat. v5.1 (can do v4.6)” . 7z does the job and extracts the flag.txt file with the password that we found later , at the lsb of the devils picture !

Sadly I couldnt  solve the stego200 or stego300 . There are so much more to learn 🙂

Have fun !


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